Henley Construction Ltd have built up a reputation for high standards and exceptional quality when it comes to construction and finishing of residential homes.
Henley Construction Ltd have been quoted as being “craftsmen at the peak of their profession”. Whether it is constructing & managing a new residential development, restoration or replica of a classic building or creating an extension to an existing home, Henley Construction always deliver the highest quality and exceed customer expectations with their expertise and high standards.

As a registered HES Contractor, Henley Construction Ltd have the experience and knowledge to advise and carry out any of the works required to bring homes in line with the SEI guidelines for energy efficient homes. Whether it is insulation to walls & attics or upgrading a heating system, Henley Construction will ensure that the work is carried out efficiently.


Henley Construction Building Contractors & Developers Ltd., Kilmacahill, Cloyne, Co.Cork, Ireland. Phone: +353 21 4652944


Residential Projects